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‘The LEAP Method’ is a comprehensive collection of all the techniques I use every single day to launch small, local business to the next level. I have taken the time to carefully explain every single aspect of our marketing strategy in as much detail as possible so that anybody, from beginner to wizard, can follow along.
This method covers everything from the very basics of building a memorable, long-lasting brand to building a website that will make Google love you. But I don’t stop there, I delve in to the specific actions you need to take to grow your business’ profile across the web, be admired on social media and reach people in the real world too.
This book is the result of hundreds of hours of seminars, podcasts, forums and first-hand testing. I have picked the number one methods that work for us in each area and now soon they will be available to you.
I am reaching out to small-business owners and marketing enthusiasts all across the world, offering a first draft of ‘The LEAP Method’ for feedback and criticism to make the final version the very best it can be.
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